a load of services at your fingertips

With the PiCCARD your stop has an extra gear. 
From refuelling to shopping, from coffee to a car wash, everything becomes easier with our card.

What can i buy with PiCCARD?


You can refuel in the largest network of gas stations in Ticino.

Piccadilly minimarket

You can use it in our minimarkets, regardless of whether it is Migrolino or Coop

Bar Piccadilly

You can enjoy a coffee, an aperitif or a meal in our snack bars.


You can wash your car in our car washes

What are the advantages of PiCCARD?

  • Pay cashless, even 24 hours a day at our cash machines, and receive a monthly bill.
  • Benefit from special economic conditions, such as fuel discounts
  • No annual fees
  • No monthly administration costs