I nostri autolavaggi

Our car wash system

Our car wash system

For a car that is always clean, we offer eight automatic car washes with three programmes of your choice and one manual car wash with high-pressure lances.

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We care about your car, in fact all systems are equipped with anti-scratch brushes.

You can apply for your season ticket directly at the service station.
For companies, we offer special fleet prices.


The use of the automatic car wash is very simple

Autolavaggio 1
  • Let the traffic light guide you to position your vehicle
  • Turn off the engine
  • Engage the gear (or P position) and pull the handbrake
  • Remember to close the windows and the roof well.
  • Exit the vehicle
  • Lower or remove antennas and racks
  • Take the system into operation

We are currently running out of promotions. But don't worry, our prices are always favourable.

In Viganello, the latest generation car wash

Autolavaggio a Viganello

A first-class system at an unbeatable price

  • State-of-the-art technology for excellent washing and drying results
  • 360° cleaning thanks to the vertical brushes with automatic inclination
  • Excellent results even on large rims
  • Convenient control interface and scrolling LED text for better control
  • Quick wash programme also available
  • EN ISO 9001, 14001 certification for your safety

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